portrait of Seth with his pieces in background

Seth Anderson


Anderson is an artist, designer, and builder who takes residential homes from design through construction to completion.

As a child growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Seth Anderson enjoyed all the wonders of the Land of Enchantment. What was unusual and foretelling were the hours he would spend filling notebooks with drawings of houses, floor plans and abstract images.

In 1990, Anderson entered the University of Colorado at Boulder as a business major and during his junior year studied abroad at the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow Scotland.  After graduation in 1994, Anderson opened a product design business thereby utilizing his backgrounds in both art and business.  Soon his designs in textiles, rugs and home products were widely distributed through such retail outlets as Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Eddie Bauer and other national venues.

It was during this time that Anderson started to experiment with all kinds of art media from pen and ink to acrylics and pastels to graphite and oils.  He worked on board, canvas, and various papers in addition to experimenting with encaustics all the while pushing the mediums to new and different effects.  While learning his craft, Anderson was also beginning to develop his own “language” in fine art.  The main element that ran through much of his work was “The Line”.  By the way it was used, “The Line” could show strength, emotion and movement.  It began to be key in many of his paintings.  “The Line” could lead the eye through structured planes and atmospheric backgrounds.  It became a constant in playful abstract paintings and a meandering element paired with environmental drawings and maps.  As Anderson continued to pursue his design business, he started  to show his paintings and drawings in galleries and exhibitions around the country.

In Anderson’s world, all product is design, all design is art, all art is life.  There is no difference in designing a useful product for everyday living or a painting rich in color and beauty or even a home for living and working.  To design and build something is strongly rooted in Anderson from his childhood drawings and musings to his creative endeavors in the field of product design.  And so, it was a natural evolution for him to turn his attention to architecture, building and interiors.

An Anderson home is truly a work of art.  He begins with an intimate knowledge of the site, elevations, light variations and unique aspects of the land.  All are fully studied before pencil is put to paper.  His homes settle beautifully into the landscape with the least possible disturbance to the natural contour of the set.  The use of “The Line” so important in Anderson’s paintings is a constant in his architectural designs as well, resulting in strong linear silhouettes against sky, land and within his interiors.  The beautiful lines of an Anderson home lend a calm cohesiveness to his work.

An Anderson home is an effortless blending of the stunning New Mexico landscape with it’s ever changing light and color, juxtaposed with the simple sophistication of his interiors.

Good architecture requires whole vision.  Anderson’s interpretation of modernity, his ability to blend interior spaces to the surrounding landscape, and his command of visual space provides a quiet place of calm.  A beautiful oasis in a busy and demanding world.

Anderson lives in Santa Fe with his wife Kristin, their boys Max and Cy and a weimaraner named Navy.

As a child, Anderson developed a passion for design. He nurtured an interest in architectural and interior design in particular by drawing facades and floor plans of homes when he was growing up. As he drew, he focused on the lines that made up the walls of his drawings or the various elements of his designs. The Line continued to be an influence throughout his career.

In school, his passion for art and design took him to the University of Colorado in Boulder and The Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. There, he developed his talent for textile design, which he then applied to creating linens and rugs distributed through Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and Eddie Bauer, as well as countless other retail outlets.

Anderson also created fine art, drawing in elements of The Line that he began incorporating into his childhood doodles. He states, “A line has the ability to reflect a multitude of attributes whether it’s loose and free or rigid and structural. Lines can show emotion and movement, limitations and confinement. They can also just set a foundation for letters of words or numbers in math.  Essentially the basis for how we communicate and learn.”

Initially, his fine art focused on capturing images and emotions from the subconscious. These pieces incorporated the feel, weight, and movement expressed by his subconscious onto the medium of choice. Through that medium, generally pen, oils, acrylics, pastels, or inks applied to various types of paper, he created lines and strokes that became something else–more lyrical–as he continued to create each piece.

When Anderson began to design his own home, he discovered that he had a true passion for creating entire homes that were one cohesive piece, interior to exterior. He began to incorporate The Line into his home and interior designs. And, he used features of The Line he found in his architectural designs, such as the lines of a topographical map, in his fine art.

In his more recent work, The Line takes on even more meaning. It represents and creates the DNA of who we are and the environment that surrounds us. “DNA can be uncoiled showing a random line that contains our organic structural makeup. The lines of our environment are shown through the paths of highways or rivers as well as the homes we live in and the land (topography) we live on.”

Anderson’s custom-designed homes incorporate The Line in many ways throughout the structure. Each design is inspired by the site on which the home is built, helping the home marry beautifully into its surrounding environment. The interior of each room is created and decorated such that every sight line is not only aesthetically stunning, but it also reflects and incorporates the surrounding landscape.

To Seth Anderson Studio, home building is an art. Anderson’s tailored homes evoke comfortable New Mexico sophistication, seamlessly blending the old and the new while incorporating an artist’s touch and vision. Buyers can take comfort in knowing their home was built with a careful attention to detail: from the materials used in its construction to its position on the land to the angle of the light streaming through its windows.